Monday, September 23, 2013

Childrens Book Illustration

I'm taking a children's book illustration class, and I'm loving it. The class is taught by Will Terry, who has really taken the time to learn about the industry and all of the secrets above and beyond that. I'm so lucky to get all this information!

So, I'm posting my first project from thumbnail to finish, and the changes that took place along the way. There are plenty of things I would change at this point, but with two weeks to finish and a dozen other projects, you do what you can do!

First is the thumbnail, quickly blocking in shapes and value:

Second is the sketch, scanned in and then layered with a digital value painting. 

And last is the final. I'll probably be making some changes and then reposting soon. Anyways, can you tell Simon is sad because he wasn't invited to the party?