Friday, July 26, 2013

Self Portrait

This was my self portrait for my head painting class of which I loved! Great class-- it's always wonderful to paint from a live model twice a week. This was our final project.


I have a couple of paintings I finally got around to putting on my computer for the blog! Here is a landscape I did for my final for Media and Tech II. I rarely do landscapes, but when I do I enjoy them mostly in that I can put lots of interesting techniques into the piece. This one was begun with a layer of textured gesso and went from there using acrylics. The whole painting is keyed blue to give it a misty morning feeling.
This is a scene from my family's backyard behind the house I grew up in.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Society of Illustrators

I'm in NYC again! I missed a few art pieces and museums here last year and had to see them this time. I just went to the Society of Illustrators for the second time and they had the Maurice Sendak show going on (illustrator of "The Wild Things") and Henry Patrick Raleigh upstairs. Raleigh's work is incredible in person! I never could have imagined. And also the comics of Bob Fingerman.