Saturday, March 30, 2013


I just entered a sculpture from last spring into the annual Student Art Show at UVU. I also entered my little red riding hood piece as well. The reception was a success! I enjoyed spending time talking with everyone and looking at the pieces. It's always impressive to see the progress others have made in their education in the arts.
Here is a photo of the sculpture.

This piece I did as a reflection on our relationship with time in this society. I often see people, and see it in my own life as well, spend so much time looking at time that they don't realize they've become it. This was a symbol of my own decision to live in the present and to experience life, instead of always looking at the clock.

Prismacolor Watercolor Sketch

I forgot to share this sketch I did when I got together with some friends to draw.

I used some of my prized possessions- watercolor prismacolor pencils with a water pen. I bought these in NYC last year, as well as the sketch book. The book was actually a photo album, but the paper is thick and perfect for handling watercolor!

Old Lady

For digital painting we've been learning about digitally painting hair. We made some brushes on photoshop and played with pen pressure to create the hair textures. For practice we did some in class portraits-- this is how mine turned out. 
The first image is the sketch I started from and the second is the finished piece. I'm thinking it's a premonition of what I'll look like when I'm seventy two... I can only hope I'll still have my hair :)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Desert Robot

Here is my latest digital painting assignment for Will Terry's digital painting II class: a robot saving human life in the desert. The assignment had to include line, traditional watercolor and digital paint layers.