Friday, December 28, 2012


I turned one of my sketches into a digital painting. The first time I tried, Corel Painter crashed and I lost 3-4 hours of work. I hate that! I suppose it was a good thing too because it made me remember to save, save, SAVE. I realized that I had not saved it even once during those 4 hours! I just thought of the first run as practice ;) Another thing to remember when digital painting, set the resolution BEFORE you get 95% of the way done with your piece. I will do better next time!

Here's the finished piece: 

I entered this piece into the Clubs Show that goes on next week. Excited to see what goes up! 

The Three Bears

I may come back to this piece and change the bear since I was told it looks like a rodent of unusual size by my professor. But for now, I'll post what I've got. This was for an assignment termed "The Three Bears", open to interpretation.

This was my interpretation:

Is this perhaps Goldilocks, who came back to seek revenge? 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Stories and Sketches

Well, I finally feel like the semester is over. I spent a wonderful Christmas with my family and now I'm wondering if I really want to go through another full time semester! I'm thinking that taking my load down to two classes might be a good plan, just to give me some extra time to work on projects that would be more interesting to me. I'd love to illustrate a children's book!

For Christmas I wrote a story for my little brother and sister and made them little clay figurines of the characters. These characters are well known to them since I've been telling them stories about the same little kids for about three years now. The stories consist of a little girl named Lisa, who actually tells each story from her first person point of view. And then there is her friend Anna, and Anna's little brother Charlie. Charlie is really the main character since he is one clever and witty four year old! He knows about more than one hundred secret passageways all over the neighborhood and beyond. This makes it easy for him to outwit any bully or villain. He also has a pet monkey named Mokee, who is a sucker for marshmallows.

I didn't realize after the first time I told my little siblings one of these stories how often they would beg to hear another "Four years old story", as they call it. But over the years I've probably told over a hundred stories about Charlie! They never get old, for my siblings at least ;)

Here is a couple of sketches I'm thinking about turning into digital paintings: 

I did this one during church...  If I turn it into a painting, I will be taking a little more time to get the anatomy right!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Practice Portrait Paintings

Here are some 2 and 3 hour head paintings. These are a few of about 60 done over the course of the semester as practice.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Red Shadows

I took a History of Illustration class this last semester. Tough class, but also one of the most rewarding. I learned more about technique, form and skill in that class than I did in many of my hands on classes. It was amazing to go through hundreds of artists and be able to learn about their process and then incorporate a thousand years worth of different techniques into my own work. What an advantage we have to have that documentation!
One artist specifically, David Grove, impressed me. He had so many different techniques he used, and his work was especially striking compared to other illustrators. In some of his pieces he would use straight color in the shadows, rather than darks. I decided to do a little experiment of my own very quickly, using that same technique.

Two hour digital painting:

Now to go create some more...