Friday, October 26, 2012

Portrait Painting and Canyon Drive

I recently painted one of my professors in my head painting class. She's one of the art history professors, and is quite an amazing individual. I was excited to have her come in and model. The painting was done over 2 class periods, 2 1/2 hours each. 

I took a drive up Provo canyon this morning for an appointment. It was a long drive, which gave me an opportunity to pray and listen to some beautiful music while the sun pierced the top edges of the mountains. It's that point in the year when the world turns a grayed down green and a stunning red. All the yellows and bright greens and the electric blue of the sky are gone, leaving that eery but magnificent silence from the absence of them. Today was our first snowfall, so the white filled in the gaps between the red and green. Along with that, a silver mist lined the tops of the mountains and the sun swept through it in full glory as it made it's entrance.

Sometimes when I see something that arrests my spirit to feel, I can't think of anything more wonderful. It's like my heart stops, and I'm completely immersed in another realm. That's what the canyon did for me this morning (It wasn't easy to steer a car while feeling it!). There has only been a few other things in this world that have moved me like that. I can't name them all of course, but there's a couple I'll mention. Once, when my teacher pulled up a monet painting on the big screen in my Art History class. I was in the clouds thinking of it the rest of the day! Others while walking through the museums in New York this spring. I can remember especially standing in front of a Klimt painting "Hope ii". The skin tones were so incredible! Any reproduction of that painting will never do it justice. And I've also felt this way while viewing especially beautiful photography. If a photographer can bring me to feel what I did this morning, then he/she has found the secret to being great.

Monday, October 22, 2012

First Backyard Glaze Firing

My aunt recently turned the old shed in the backyard into a studio and acquired a kiln for firing clay projects. I have always absolutely loved sculpture as well as pottery. We just had our first glaze firing. "We" consists of me, my aunt and a couple of little girls we know.

I made the little bowl, thrown on the pottery wheel. 

I'm hoping my school and work schedule will lighten just a little bit soon, so I can spend some time with my hands in the clay!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Art and Illustration

I've been meaning to start a blog to share my art, and I'm finally getting around to it.

Right now, I'm a student in college, studying illustration at Utah Valley University. I was studying Fine Art for a few years before I switched my major to illustration. There were two reasons why I was nervous about joining the illustration program: One, everyone told me it was a lot of work. I don't like to say I'm afraid of work, but the amount of work others told me it would be was probably ten times what Fine Arts was giving me. And two, I thought it was all about commercialism, advertising and, well... comics and superheroes. I have always done things a little more traditionally and I felt that my goals could never work within those confines. Could I really fit into a group of illustrators?

So I was accepted into the illustration program. Of those concerns, the first one ended up being true. It has ended up being ten times the work that Fine Arts was. But I adjusted to it enough, and my skill set has gone beyond anything I had ever hoped. I didn't know one could progress so much in so little time! Props to those teachers set on getting us to the level we need to be at to compete in the world after graduation. I do have to say though, I've never gotten so sick, and felt so stressed and been to the doctor so much since starting the program. I have directly related this to the high stress levels and have resolved to live a slower paced life in the future. In fact I'm trying to that now so I don't die early ;)

The second, only proved partially true. I was surprised to find that there is a place for any aspiring artist in this illustration program. Even gallery painters and cake decorators. Although many of the students are comic artists and looking to go into commercialism, I have been able to recognize that there is a place for everyone among differences. Many people ask me what the difference is between the illustration program and the Fine Arts at UVU. I now tell them that Fine Arts is all about finished work and finding your voice, where illustration is about giving you the skill set FIRST so that when it comes time to find your voice and create finished work, you will have skills to do it. I'm not bashing on Fine Arts at all. If you are ready to create finished work and you know what your voice is, that's the place for you. I wasn't. I'm still not. All I know is that from being in the illustration program, I will be good. And I will get better. It's inevitable.

I'm definitely getting over any previous fear of hard work. I've found a deep and profound love for it, but more especially a deep and profound love for rest :) Hard to imagine a full night of sleep! Sounds great to me even now...